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Rachel Mickenberg, LCSW.

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About Me

I'm a therapist who helps people explore/discover who they are in the world. The ways in which we think, talk and act can get in the way of being able to fully embrace life. I help build creative therapeutic environments in which people can grow emotionally, develop new ways to respond to challenging situations and create the lives they want to live.


In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I’m on staff at the East Side Institute and frequently give training and talks regarding my work with both adults and teenagers. I’m also a co-founder of a small public high school in Brooklyn.


I'm a graduate of Hunter College School of Social Work and received my advanced training at the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy.

About 2

With many years of experience and a talent for working with diverse groups of people, I practice a group therapy approach that can change how you are living your life.


Join a therapy group where you can begin to create the life you want to live. Social Therapy is an innovative group therapy approach where diverse groups of people work together, week after week to grow emotionally. The group offers a unique experience of allowing yourself to get close to others with the support of a therapist.


In addition to group therapy, I also offer individual therapy, family and couples therapy.


My office is conveniently located in the Financial District in downtown Manhattan.

Services - Adult
Why Come Into Therapy with Me

Feeling alone and isolated?

Want MORE in your life and unsure how to get it?

Sick and tired of talking about your problems over and over

to find yourself in the same place?

I'll work with you to transform your life!

Rachel Mickenberg Group Therapy

My positive, unique group therapy process helps people grow emotionally because I do more than solve problems, by providing the tools people need to go beyond where they are in their lives.


Together we create new possibilities by learning new ways of speaking and relating with others.


My clients begin to feel better by creating environments where they can share emotional and relationship struggles together and create something new with it.


Stress and anxiety


Depression or suicidal feelings


Loneliness and isolation


Relationship and intimacy issues


Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity


Current or past abuse or trauma

Rachel Mickenberg Therapy
Being a Teenager is Tough!
Services - Teens

Being a teenager is tough. Teens today need all the help they can get to navigate the stress, conflict, and confusion of an increasingly difficult world.


Parenting a teenager is also tough. With issues like bullying, tech obsession and social isolation, the old ways of parenting just aren’t working anymore.

Pyschotherapy for Teenagers
Rachel Mickenberg - Pyschotherapy for Teenagers
Parenting a teenager today is tough.

In 2003 I co-founded a small public high school in Brooklyn, The High School for Public Service. At this school, I created a unique group therapy program that has helped hundreds of young people with their emotional difficulties.  In addition, I have extensive private practice experience and am passionate about my work with teenagers.


I relate to teens as both who they are and who they are becoming.


I focus on the ways in which young people need to grow and develop emotionally and socially so they can have more in their lives.


I help young people create new conversations to help them feel less victimized and ultimately more powerful in the world.


I work with teenagers to learn new ways of communicating, both with adults and one another.

Communicating with parents and teens!

Feelings of loneliness, isolation or not fitting in


LGBTQ issues and support


Academic/school issues


Substance abuse




Anxiety and depression


Social skills

Psychotherapy for teens.
Supporting teens with therapy.
What My Clients Are Saying About Me

When I first came into therapy to work with Rachel, I was deeply depressed and having a difficult time managing challenges in my life. Rachel helped me learn how to trust, communicate, and see the future ahead of me, rather than the past that shaped me. The work that I did with Rachel changed my life.

-Pessy L.

When I started seeing Rachel I immediately felt comfortable telling her things I hadn't told anyone else. She made me feel safe and I trust her completely! Rachel has really helped me work through my problems and with her encouragement I have grown in ways I didn't even expect.

-Miriam D.

Our teenage son was in therapy with Rachel for more than a year. The teen group was instrumental in helping him get a handle on issues of identity, anxiety and depression. Rachel also helped us, the parents, navigate and understand the issues our son was facing. We are grateful to Rachel for working with us during a critical time and recommend her highly.

-Brian W.

Rachel is an amazing therapist. In the teen group she relates to us even though we are younger. She genuinely cares about us and our wellbeing. Rachel has made our group sessions into a safe space where we speak freely without judgement. Working with her has improved my mental health.

-Rebecca O. (14 years old)

My work with Rachel has been invaluable. It's intense and rewarding.  Over the past two years, I’ve become more thoughtful and less impulsive. I really look forward to the group sessions, where we help each other with what’s going on in our lives.

-Elisheba I.

Being in group with Rachel has changed my life. I never imagined I would be able to  open up and be close to people, but my relationship with her and the group has supported me to push myself in ways that I never thought possible.

-Jeremy D.

I'm here to help. Call or email me now.


Contact Me

Rachel Mickenberg, LCSW

75 Maiden Lane Suite 206 & 227

(Waiting area on 3rd Floor)

New York, NY 10038  

Tel: 917-689-7480

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To schedule an intake or find out more information about me and the services I provide please call or email me.

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Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please contact me to get more information about my hours.

Fees:  I accept out-of-network insurance and offer a sliding scale fee structure.

For questions or more information about my sliding scale fee, please contact me.

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